In the beginning of 2003 Matej Šetinc put an online advertisement searching for a like minded freaks interested in making some stoner rock. He got a response from the vocalist of the band called Pussyfinger. One of the guitarist for that band was also Ažo Vokal. They recorded a few demo recordings but soon Ažo in Matej decided to have their own band but still remained with Pussyfinger for the time. With the new, still unamed band, Ažo also started his career as a vocalists.


The band forms under a name Pinocchio Pinchball in the early 2004 when Jan Kozlevčar – Kozu joins the band as a bass player, completing the first lineup with Matej Šetinc – Knez on drums and Ažo handling the vocals and guitar. They manage to put out a demo titled “Knez Atula” (featuring a guest drummer Bor Zakonjšek as well). Soon they attract some attention of the underground’s underground and receive an invitation to be a part of the compilation album “Burn the Street Vol. 5” released by a german label Daredevil Records.

After this initial episode drummer Matej Šetinc leaves the group, leaving Ažo and Jan Kozlevčar in the band. After a few drummer replacements Jan decides to sit behind the drums himself, and a bass player Jernej Kržič – Degu joins the band as well. During this period they record a demo “Slap in Your Face” (featuring also a drummer Luka Kuhar on one of the songs). And in 2007 they receive an invitation to participate at the Klubski Maraton 2007 organized by Radio Študent. In the same year they also record an album called “1” featuring Jan Kozlevčar on guitars and drums, Ažo on vocals and guitars, and Jernej Kržič as the bass player. Although the album was recorded in 2007 it was only in 2010 that it got to be released.

In 2008 Matej Šetinc returns behind the drums, and on the bass guitar position they recruit Jaka Gale – Gredoč. But Gredoč doesn’t stay long and Jernej Kržič returns to the group. Meanwhile Jan Kozlevčar takes the lead guitar position. In this period they record and release the album “2” which was their first official full-length release, put out in 2009.

Material for the next album “Tennis Football Basketball” was recorded in mid 2011. It got released in the beginning of the next year. Meanwhile in the end of year 2011 Degu gets replaced again, this time by Peter Cimprič – Sacco. In March of 2012 the band becomes a trio, after a personal disagreement Jan Kozlevčar has to leave the band. He goes on to establish a prog/stoner metal group Jegulja the next year.

After a couple of years of band being a trio, a guitar player Vitja Balžalorsky – Vičo joins the band in 2014. They go to recording studio in the autumn of 2015 and record enough material to then release EP named “Big Fish” in May of 2016 and later in December of that same year a full length album “Miss Universe”, which saw their first album on Vinyl as well, thanks to Cosmic Eye Records. They also join Kapa Records which helps to handle the CD version of “Miss Universe”.

Members of Carnaval were:

Ažo Vokal (alias: klasec) – Vocals, Guitars

Matej Šetinc (aliases: mato, knez) – Drums

Jan Kozlevčar (aliases: kozu, jan kozel) – Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar

Jernej Kržič (aliases: degu) – Bass Guitar

Peter Cimprič (alias: sacco di tempo) – Bass Guitar

Vitja Balžalorsky (alias: vičo) – Guitar

Jaka Gale (alias: gredoč) – Bass Guitar

Luka Kuhar – Drums